Commercial Fluff & Fold Services


At Laundry 360, we understand that running a business comes with numerous responsibilities, and laundry is one task that can be time-consuming and burdensome. That’s why we offer exceptional commercial fluff and fold services to businesses of all sizes in Long Beach, CA. We want you to focus on what matters most — your employees and customers — and let us take care of your laundry!

What is Commercial Fluff and Fold Services?


Commercial fluff and fold services are designed to meet the unique laundry needs of your business. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, spa, gym, or other establishment — that requires frequent, high-volume laundering — our commercial laundry services can help. We ensure your linens, towels, and uniforms are impeccably clean, folded, and ready for use — so you can continue making a lasting impression on your customers. 

Our Process


At Laundry 360, we have a streamlined process to ensure efficient and consistent results for businesses that partner with us:

  • Collection
  • Sorting & Pre-Treatment
  • Washing & Drying
  • Fluffed & Folded
  • Packaged & Delivered

Professional Personalized Clean


Our commercial laundry service in Long Beach is customized to meet your business’s requirements and needs. We ensure the utmost care of your belongings, providing your own machine where clothes and other materials are separated and cleaned accordingly. Our team will also fold your items neatly so you can worry less about the appearance of your laundry and more about your business’s operations. 

Benefits of Commercial Laundry Services


  • Quality & Consistency
  • Enhanced Business Image
  • Personalized Cleaning Plan
  • Time & Resources Saved

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Laundry 360 is your trusted partner for commercial fluff and fold services in the Long Beach area.

Laundry 360 is your trusted partner for commercial fluff and fold services in the Long Beach area. We strive to maintain efficient processes, commitment to quality, and personalized service to all companies. Let us take care of your laundry needs, so you can focus on what’s best for your employees and customers. Contact us today to get a quote.