Residential Fluff & Fold Services

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If you want your clothes to look their best, trust your laundry to Laundry 360 in Los Angeles, CA. As a professional, full-service laundry service company, we provide expert fluff and fold services to meet our customers’ needs. We understand that many people don’t have time to manage their laundry themselves, so we offer our convenient residential services to make their lives easier and keep their clothes looking new. 

Learn more about what our fluff and fold laundry service has to offer, then contact Laundry 360 today to get started.

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Let Us Handle Your Laundry


At Laundry 360, you can wash your laundry yourself or trust it with us. When you leave your clothing in our care, you can expect us to handle every step. After washing and drying it accordingly, we’ll fluff it to perfection and fold it neatly to prevent unsightly wrinkles or creases. We’re here to do your laundry for you, and you can expect quality results with each load.

Benefits of Professional Laundry Services


Are you new to Laundry 360? Not sure if our fluff and fold service is right for you? Here are a few benefits of hiring professional laundry services in Los Angeles:

  • Professional-grade laundry care
  • Convenient pick-up and delivery
  • Preserves the life of your clothing
  • Reduces time spent on chores
Folded laundry
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What Laundry 360 Has To Offer


Laundry 360 is pleased to offer affordable, competitive pricing on all our laundry services. When you turn to us for our residential fluff and fold service, you can rest assured that your clothing is in safe, experienced hands. From start to finish, we’ll ensure your laundry is clean, fluffed, and folded exactly the way you want it.

Don’t let the stress of doing laundry get you down! Laundry 360 is here to provide our professional fluff and fold service to help your clothes look their best, so contact us today to find out how we can help.