Express Laundry Services in Los Angeles, CA

At Laundry 360, we offer easy express laundry services in Los Angeles, CA, at the flat, discounted rates. For a convenient laundry experience, choose us for fast and friendly service. We’re available 7 days a week to meet all of your laundry needs.

Laundry 360 Interior

Express Rates

Express Bag Large $65 (Green)

Express BagX-Large $75 (Blue)

Towel Rental Services

Ask us about our rental services for shop towels and microfiber towels. Our rates are:

Cleansing Package $50

Up to 30 Towels(microfibre & shop towels) or $2 Per Towel + one FREE lb bottle of surface sanitizer—10% off constant wash services

Squeaky Clean Package $75

Up to 50 Towels (microfibre & shop towels) Per Request, 10% Off Normal Rate 2 free bottles of surface sanitizer—20% off constant wash services.

*Additional towels can be provided for an additional cost. Pickup and delivery are not included.


Wash & Go Services & More

Come in and start your machine. We will dry and fold your laundry for you when it’s ready. This is the perfect option for people with busy schedules. Our rates are:

$25 Small Top Loader

$35 Medium, 20-lb. Front Loader

$55 Large, 40-lb. Front Loader

$75 X-Large, 60-lb. Front Loader

$95 XX-Large, 80-lb. Front Loader

Dry Clean Essentials

$3.50 Regular Shirt

$3.99 Dress Shirt

$4.50 Ties

$4.50 Sweater

$6.50 Dress Pants

$6.50 Women’s Blouse

$6.50 (Womens)Top/Shirts

$8.99 Dress

$8.99 Uniform Set-(Pants+ Shirt)

$9.95 Jacket

$19.95 Long Dress

$19.99 2 Piece Suit

$22.95 3 Piece Suit

Dry Cleaned Shirts