Our Residential and Commercial Laundry Services in Los Angeles, CA

At Laundry 360, we make sure we pay attention to detail and provide you with proper care. Chose us for expedited residential and commercial laundry services. Laundry takes time. When your busy schedule doesn't leave much room for chores, our services have options for you to free your time.

You can drop off or call us to pick up and we’ll take care of the rest. We always provide the highest standard of service for our customers. We believe in the value of maintaining good relationships.

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Established in 2015

We announced our name as Laundry 360 in the summer of 2015. We knew that customers want a clean, bright, and friendly environment when they come to do their laundry, so that’s what we decided to do. We built our laundromat around those high standards. At our facilities, you can operate the washers and dryers yourself, or if you are limited on time you can simply any of our laundry services.

For our customers who choose to come here and do their own laundry, we have aimed to maintain a comfortable and fun setting. There’s more than one laundromat in town to choose from, so we knew we needed to make ours special. We want it to be a place you can enjoy each and every time you visit us.

Why We Are Your Best Choice for Laundry

We equipt our store with machines that can handle a small load of 10 pounds up to a large load of 80 pounds. Since having your clothes dried quickly is important, our laundromats also feature 45-pound stack dryers.

For our services, we have earned an outstanding reputation and established a loyal customer base.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I don’t know how I lived before Fluff & Fold. This place has very reasonable prices and extremely friendly staff.
The Clothes always come back organized, folded & smelling awesome!

—Laurie A, Redondo Beach, CA

IGreat place to wash clothes. Lady is nice and offers free Coffee : )
—Andrea A., Wilmington, CA

Excellent Fluff & Fold Service, Staff does a fantastic job removing the Dirt, Grease, and Oil from my Dirty Refinery Clothes. They give you your choice of Detergent, Fabric Softener, and even Oxy clean to get your clothes extra clean.
—Chris K., Hammond, IN

Used the Wash and Fold Service, My Laundry was clean, smelled good & was folded nicely. Great Customer Service!
—JH, Los Angeles, CA

Laundry Services

Laundry 360 is all about quality and convenience. Our laundry services in Los Angeles, CA, are designed to make your life a little easier at prices you can afford. If your laundry needs to be washed, visit one of our locations. You can do it yourself or ask us for our Wash & Fold service. Or, if you need your laundry picked-up and dropped-off, we offer delivery service as well.

Our machines are sized from small to XX-large, so we can accommodate any size load. We assist individual customers as well as local businesses that require laundry services. You can pay for a single visit or sign up for our monthly membership program.

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Superior Customer Experience

In addition to washing and folding, our facilities also offer dry cleaning services. As our customer, you can expect friendly service from helpful location attendants.

If you have any questions or need assistance, just ask. Our goal is to make sure you have an unbeatable customer experience.

With our laundry services, you’ll always have fresh, clean clothes, towels, and blankets. We look forward to helping you on your next laundry day.

Our process

Check out a video of the process of our laundry services.

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